Achieve Professional Nail Care with 35000RPM Electric Manicure Machine

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Color 35000RPM-Grey
Size USB

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About This Item

Experience salon-quality nail care at home with our 35000RPM Electric Manicure Machine. This powerful USB nail drill is specifically designed for acrylic nail gel polish application, e-file milling, and nail filing, making it an essential tool for professional results.

The high-speed rotation of the nail drill, with its 35000RPM capability, allows for efficient and precise nail work. Whether you're shaping, filing, or removing acrylic or gel polish, this manicure machine provides optimal control and accuracy.

The USB connectivity offers convenience and flexibility, allowing you to power the machine using a laptop, power bank, or any USB-enabled device. This makes it perfect for both home and salon use, ensuring you always have a reliable and portable tool for your nail care needs.

The professional-grade nail drill is suitable for various nail types and textures, providing versatility and adaptability. It allows you to effortlessly shape and smooth your nails, creating a flawless canvas for your preferred nail enhancements or polish.

The included nail files and e-file milling attachments offer additional versatility, allowing you to customize your nail shape, remove excess product, and achieve the desired level of smoothness.

Upgrade your nail care routine and achieve salon-worthy results with our 35000RPM Electric Manicure Machine. Unlock the potential of professional nail care at your fingertips. Order now and take your nail game to the next level of precision and perfection.

Motor shaft upgrade. Enhanced performance. Extend the life of the machine.



Model: YK-201P
Size: 134*24mm
Item Type: Electric Nail Drill for Acrylic gel
Material: Aluminum + ABS + Stainless steel
Color:Silver / Grey / Black / White / Rose-gold / Green
Rotate Speed: 0-35000RPM
Grinding diameter:3/32inch (2.35MM)


35000RPM Portable Nail Drill


◆Professional nail drill tools. Suitable for Solon Nail Art Polish; Pet Nail Files; Art carving; Grinding and more.

◆Forward/Reverse Polishing direction for any right-handed or left-handed use. Professional solon nail drill.

◆Twist-Lock type of chuck, safely lock the drill bit and use it more securely.

◆35000RPM can be adjusted at will. that effectively smooth corns and calluses, removing excess cuticles, and filing, shaping and buffing nails.

◆The USB plug can be connected to a mobile power supply. Lightweight and portable.

◆YOKEFELLOW has been engaged in the nail art industry for 10 years. Have a professional R & D team. Provide customers with quality products and services. More worthy of your trust.

High Speed 35000RPM


How To Use

1. Unlock handpiece.

2. Take out the drill bit.

3. Insert the drill nit that you need.

4. Lock the handpiece

5. Turn on the switch. Adjust the speed. Then can use the product.

Tips: F means forward rotation;
R means reverse rotation;


YK-101P 30000RPM USB Nail Drill Machine



Model: YK-101P
Size: 13.8*1.8cm
Item Type: Electric Nail Drill for Acrylic gel
Material: Aluminum + ABS + Stainless steel
Color: Pink / Grey / Black /
Rotate Speed: 0-30000RPM
Grinding diameter:3/32inch (2.35mm)