Make Your Nails Sparkle with Clavier Colorful Glitter Gel Nail Polish

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About This Item

Clavier Luxury is a combination of the best in gels and classic nail polishes. It is an alternative to scratch-prone standard varnishes and unnatural-looking acrylics.

Perfectly medium-thick and well-covering Hybrid Varnish for demanding customers - 10 ml

The application of the Clavier Luxury nail polish is no different from the classic nail painting. The only difference is the fixing of the applied layers under the UV / LED lamp. Thanks to this, your manicure will be resistant to scratches and chipping, even up to 3 weeks! Durability of the manicure (up to 3 weeks)

exceptional shine of your nails,natural look.


A wide range of colors

Focus on creating amazing hybrids with the full range of LUXURY Clavier colors. Take advantage of the wide range of color hybrids and forget about painting your nails every day!

You will find other colors at other auctions.


Nail polishResistant to scratches and chipping

Thanks to CLAVIER LUXURY hybrids, you will give your nails intense color and a beautiful long-lasting shine. The perfect, medium-thick consistency of CLAVIER hybrid varnishes enables easy application. Find your favorite color and enjoy beautiful nails for up to 3 weeks.