Protect and Brighten with 20g Body Whitening Sunscreen Cream

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About This Item

Introducing our 20g Body Whitening Sunscreen Cream, the perfect solution for keeping your skin protected, moisturized, and brightened under the sun. This innovative sunblock stick offers a convenient application, ensuring your skin stays refreshed and shielded from harmful UV rays.

Our sunscreen cream is specially formulated to provide effective sun protection while delivering moisturizing and brightening benefits. The lightweight formula easily glides onto your skin, creating a protective barrier against UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburn and skin damage.

With its whitening properties, this sunscreen cream helps even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots, leaving your skin looking radiant and refreshed. Its moisturizing ingredients nourish and hydrate your skin, keeping it soft and supple throughout the day.

The waterproof feature ensures long-lasting protection, even during water activities or sweaty outdoor adventures. Feel confident knowing that your skin is shielded from the sun's harmful effects, regardless of the weather conditions.

The convenient stick design allows for easy and mess-free application. Simply glide the sunscreen stick over your body, targeting areas that require protection and brightening. Its compact size makes it ideal for on-the-go use, fitting effortlessly into your bag or pocket.

Whether you're heading to the beach, enjoying outdoor sports, or simply spending time under the sun, our Body Whitening Sunscreen Cream is a must-have. Protect your skin, moisturize, and brighten all at once with this versatile sunblock stick.

Experience the refreshing and protective benefits of our Body Whitening Sunscreen Cream. Enjoy its moisturizing and brightening properties, while ensuring your skin remains shielded from harmful UV rays. Don't compromise on sun protection—choose a sunscreen that cares for your skin. Order now and embark on a journey to healthier, brighter, and well-protected skin.

Net weight: 20g
Shelf life: 3 years
Suitable for skin type: any skin type
Efficacy: moisturizing
Package size: 4.2*8.7*4.5cm/1.65*3.43*1.77inch


1. Moisturizing texture, light and non-sticky, can virtually isolate the skin and dust in the air. This sunscreen can help even out and brighten your complexion.
2. Delicate paste, moisturizing and not sticky;
3. Easy to open, easy to apply, easy to absorb;
4. Waterproof, sweatproof, can be used all over the body.

How to use: Open the transparent cover, gently rotate the bottom shaft to reveal an appropriate amount of the protective stick; apply lightly on the surface of the skin that needs to be isolated, the skin is moist, refreshing and not greasy.
Do not use on damaged or broken skin. Even when using sunscreen products, don't stay in the sun for too long. Overexposure to sunlight is a serious health threat.
1. For external use only, please avoid contact with eyes.
2. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it immediately.
3. Keep this product out of the reach of children.
4. Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or sunlight.

1. Manual measurement tolerance is 2-5g, please don't mind your replacement
2. Due to the difference of different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item, thank you very much

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