Magic Eyebrow Stencils Set

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About The Item

Looking for a convenient and easy way to achieve perfect eyebrows? Look no further than the Magic Eyebrow Stencil Set! This professional quality set comes with everything you need to create perfect, natural looking eyebrows in just minutes. The set includes two eyebrow brushes, two eyebrow stencils, and a gel stamp. The mini size is perfect for on-the-go touch ups, and the fine texture ensures a natural finish. With the quick powder application, even beginners can achieve salon-worthy results at home. So ditch the expensive salon visits and give yourself the perfect brows with the Magic Eyebrow Stencil Set Brow Soap, Excellent Shaping Brow Wax, Long Lasting Waterproof Brow Enhancer Gel Brow Shaping Cream Natural 3D Wild Brow Wax Waterproof Long Lasting Shaping Bro Features: Long Wear Waterproof and long lasting, use before eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. Whether you have sparse brows that need help, or you're rocking a thick look, you can get brows. It's easy to wash off when you wash your face. When brushed over natural brows, it adds thickness, volume and texture to the brows, nourishes and conditions them for healthy hair growth. 3D Brow Shaping Soap , give you naturally large and beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes. Brow Soap is a great definition and definition product for brow trimming, used to tame irregular brows and enhance brow color. Make your face more three-dimensional, the perfect eyebrow soap choice. 3D Brow Soap has an even texture for 3D natural perfect brows. Make your makeup look more elegant. Safe and Natural this product is made of mild and non-irritating natural plant extracts. organic specially designed for brows. E adds volume to sparse brows, jojoba oil shapes brows, and beeswax is the perfect healthy ingredient to cling to the skin. It's fragrance-, color- and foam-free, so it won't , cause irritation, or leave unwanted residue on your brows. Easy to use1. Dip a small amount of gel with a brush. 2. Shape the brows as you like with the brush and shape it to your liking. Easy to use, easy to carry, take it with you, and make eyebrows anytime, anywhere. Tips1. We have a rectangular cap box design to prevent evaporation, please make sure to close the lid after each use. 2. Please place it in a dry and cool place that cannot be touched by infants and young children. 3. Avoid getting into the eyes. If it gets into the eyes accidentally, please rinse with of water. Product Description: eyebrow soap set eyebrow eyebrow trimming gel No This natural plant extract and organic leaves no residue or flaking. You get a strong hold without a stiff feeling no residue It's free of pigments, foaming agents, so it won't , irritate, or leave unwanted residue on your brows. not sticky 3D Brow Soap has an even texture for 3D natural perfect brows. Make your makeup look more elegant. No water required Unlike other soaps, this soap does not require water. No need to worry about sequelae. Easy to use and easy to carry.



Please note: other accessories are not included.
100% brand new quality
Applicable people: all skin tones
Specification: eyebrow powder/24 eyebrow cards
Shelf life: 3 years
Color: dark gray, dark brown, medium brown

Package Included:
1*sponge head brow powder/1*brow powder+2*brow brush+10*brow card/6 sheets*brow card/1*brow brush