PURC Keratin Green Energy Boosting Hair Mas

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High concentration of ginseng and lavender extract is wrapped in every single granule with exclusive technology. Traditional hair mask can hydrate and moisturize fragile hair. Nevertheless, these green granules are added into hair mask to arouse double active energy. The mask will deeply nourish hair after using shampoo with potent effect and cause the unbalanced grease and moist, reducing knotty hair and split ends. Even thin and fragile hair is able to be fluffy but smooth after using.

Is your hair suffering from the following problems?

Damaged by styling Dry and frizz Knotty hair

Damaged hair, cuticle layer opened

Use PURC Green Energy Boosting Hair Mask

Replenish moisture and nutrient

Repair damage, boost shine

Repair damaged hair within 1 minute

Main effect:

Repair dry damaged hair

Smoothing hair


Hair treatment

Quickly repair hair within 1 min

Main ingredients:

LAVENDER EXTRACT: Anti-bacteria and anti-oxidant, repair damaged hair, improve mood.

GINSENG EXTRACT: Strengthen hair strands, reduce hair loss

KERATIN: Repair dry hair and split ends, anti-frizz

1. Multiple components nourish hair

2. Anti-frizz, smooth and shiny

3. Repair damaged cuticle, reduce split ends


1.Clean hair;

2.Apply appropriate hair mask on your palm and gently extend to hair;

3.Wait for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off;

4.Towel dry.